Architectural Shingles vs. 3-Tab Shingles vs. Metal Roofs

Comparison of Popular Roofing Choices If you are considering a new roof, you need to first think about what type of roofing material that you want to cover your home. The three most popular types are architectural shingles, 3-tab shingles and metal. Here is a brief comparison of the three: Architectural Shingles Architectural shingles are… Read More

Winter Roof

Winterization Checklist: Is Your Roof Ready for Winter

Is Your Roof Ready for Winter? Get It There with This Checklist The snow isn’t here, and it hasn’t gotten too cold – yet. It’s time to get the roof ready for winter before the cold weather strikes. If you don’t get the roof prepared, Old Man Winter will do a number on it, which… Read More

GAF Certified Roofer

Working with a GAF Certified Roofer

Benefits of Dealing with a GAF Certified Roofing Contractor As a residential or commercial property owner, one of the largest investments that you will make is hiring a professional to put a new roof on your home or business. Since the roof is the most crucial piece to the structural integrity of the property, and… Read More

Roof Replacement

Why You Should Consider a Roof Replacement Before Winter

Making the decision to replace your roof is a big one. When your roof has taken a pretty good beating over the years, and your most recent inspection has told you that it is time to get it replaced, what time of year is best for a roof replacement? Well, right now – after the… Read More

Brown Spots on Ceiling

Brown Spots on Your Ceiling?

It isn’t uncommon from brown spots to appear on your ceiling due to water infiltration from busted water pipes or your roof. When it is from your roof, it can be caused from missing shingles, damaged flashing, buckling of the roofing materials, etc. Here’s what you need to do when you see these water spots… Read More

Roof Repairs

Understanding the Importance of Not Putting Off Roof Repairs – Especially Leaks

One of the most common roof problems that homeowners run into is a roof leak. Many homeowners put off this roof repair because it is minor at first. However, roof repairs, when not immediately evaluated and repaired, can turn into much larger issues that are more costly to repair. Here are three reasons why you… Read More

Clogged Gutters

How Clogged Gutters Can Damage Your Home

Clogged Gutters? 4 Ways They’ll Do Damage to Your Home Your home’s gutter system may be one of those components of your home that you don’t really think about often. However, they’re very important. Without proper maintenance and upkeep, they can cause significant damage. In fact, here are four ways clogged gutters can lead to… Read More

Proper Ventilation

The One Thing Most Homes Lack that will Burn You Up

In the last month, it seems the most common requests for service C and K Roofing has received has been estimates for insulation and roof ventilation upgrades. It’s an indicator that miserably hot families are concluding they need insulation and better roof ventilation to keep the temperature of the rooms in their homes tolerable. Did… Read More


Your Roof is Like Your Dog

HOW A ROOF IS LIKE A FURRY COMPANION AND WHY IT SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH We, here at C and K Roofing, are unapologetic animal lovers. We have pets considered beloved family members. We watch out for animals, small and large, on our job sites. We fix damage done by critters, but try to… Read More

Jim & Beth Gentry

How to have a Good Experience with a Roofing Company

It’s been a little over a year now since I left a 23-year career in television journalism for a new career with C and K Roofing and Construction Services. During this time, I’ve been able to observe this industry from the standpoint of a consumer–who knows very little about the process of a home improvement… Read More

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C and K had to come to our house several times before the project and they were very helpful with our insurance claim. Our new roof looks fantastic! Thanks!


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