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10 Roofing Problems You Are Likely To Encounter As A Homeowner

The majority of homeowners have encountered some level of roofing issue at some point in time. From minor leaks to major cracking, residential roofs suffer from a variety of common ailments that require immediate attention. To provide some assistance, some of the most common problems that you will encounter are listed below.

Keep in mind, though, it can be tricky to repair a roof, and it can also be dangerous. In the majority of cases, it is best to leave the repairs to the professionals to ensure that the job gets done right the first time around.

#1: Roof Leaks

It is likely the most single most frequent issue that homeowners face. From cracked flashing to broken shingles, slate, or tiles, there are just as many causes for roof leaks as there are actual roofs. More often than not, roof leaks tend to occur in the following areas:

  • Under damaged shingles
  • Near the chimney
  • Around the gutters
  • At flashing points
  • At skylights
  • Near pipes and vents
  • In valleys or low spots

If you notice a sign of a leak, such as damp walls or discolored ceilings, contact C & K Roofing for an inspection as soon as possible.

#2: Pooled Water

Once water starts to pool or form small ponds on top of the roof, it will result in long-term issues. This is a particular concern with flat roofs. A solution is to create tapered areas over the roof’s surface. The small slopes will allow the water to run off the roof, freeing your roof from water damage.

#3: Punctures and Holes

From foot traffic to wildlife, your roof can be left with puncture marks, scraped, and even large holes. Whether it is a contractor walking over the roofing shingles or a woodpecker drilling holes into the eaves, the damage can really build up over time, impacting the underlying wood and/or exposing it to moisture that can result in rot.

#4: Shrinkage

As roofing material shrinks, it can result in an assortment of other problems like cracking, deterioration, and the pulling apart of important components like flashing. Shrinkage especially impacts roofs that are covered with EPDM, which is a synthetic rubber membrane, as well as other roof coverings.

The experts at C & K Roofing have years of experience with flat roof repairs. If you are concerned with shrinkage or need to have an inspection performed to see if there are any indications of shrink-related damage, contact us.

#5: Cracking and Blistering

Over an extended period of time, roofs will develop cracks, ridges, and blisters. The chances of seeing this type of damage will depend on the type of roof that is installed. Built-up roofs are those that consist of multiple layers over a relatively flat surface, and these tend to be more disposed to cracking and blistering.

#6: Snow and Ice Damage

Over time, snow and ice can wreak real havoc on virtually all roofs. The reason for this is due to the fact that snow and ice melt into water, eventually seeping beneath the shingles. If this water refreezes, you are in for a rude awakening. This is because the ice beneath the roof can push up against the shingles or flashing and possibly lift them, creating gaps through which more ice, snow, and water can enter.

The best solution for ensuring that winter weather doesn’t cause permanent damage to your roof is to schedule routine inspection and maintenance services in the spring and fall. This helps ensure that you aren’t caught completely off-guard or find yourself stuck in a situation that requires emergency roof repair.

Keep in mind that EPDM and other single-ply membrane roofs aren’t as vulnerable to the damage previously mentioned in this section.

#7: Inadequate Installation

When you choose to do business with a poorly qualified or inexperienced roofing company, it will cost your more money in the long run. In fact, this is one of the more common reasons that you have long-term complications with your roof as well as mold and short lift expectancy.

C and K Roofing has been in the roofing industry for decades. We have a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable roofers. Whether you are in need of a residential or commercial roofing installation, we will get the job done right the first time to ensure you don’t face expensive repairs later down the road.

#8: Tree Damage

If a tree limb or branch crashes directly into your roof, you’ve got some trouble on your hands. However, if they rub against the roof daily, they may scratch the surface of the roof and wear down the top roof layer. At minimum, it is safer if the trees are trimmed on a regular basis to ensure that there are no libs or branches hanging over the roof or resting on top of the roof. At maximum, you may think about removing trees that pose a serious risk to your roof’s integrity.

#9: Clogged Gutters

If your gutters are broken, clogged, or otherwise faulty, water may be backing up into the system. If this is the case, the water may eventually seep into the eaves at which point it can result in rot. To prevent this type of damage, it is important to check the gutters on a regular basis for debris and broken components. You can also install screens on the openings of the gutters to prevent leaves and twigs from getting inside the gutter system.

#10: Poor Maintenance

As long as it is caught early on, most roof issues are easily fixable. On the other hand, failing to perform routine maintenance is the easiest way to ensure a minor issue turns into a major problem. Ignoring potential problem areas is also a surefire way to find yourself in trouble. For optimal results, you will want to stick to a routine maintenance schedule.

Contact C and K Roofing for Maintenance and Repair

If you require routine maintenance, a thorough inspection, or emergency roof repair, contact C and K Roofing. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced roofing professionals can help.