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3 Things Impacting Your Roof Repair

3 Things That Could Potentially Impact the Cost of Your Upcoming Roof Repair

Finding out that your roof has been damaged can be heartbreaking. Depending on the extent of the damage and the degree of repair needed, repairing your roof can be time-consuming and expensive. So, before you budget for roofing repairs, you should know the factors that could potentially impact the price of the repair.

The Exact Type of Roofing Material Used

The material that your roof is constructed with will significantly influence how much it will cost to have your roof repaired. For one, some materials are more expensive than others. For two, some materials require more extensive planning and labor than others to actually install. Ultimately, the least expensive type of roofing material is going to be asphalt shingles. Next in line tend to be slate shingles, followed by tile shingles. Usually, one of the more expensive and popular types of roofing materials tends to be metal.

Permits Required for Roofing Repairs

The location in which you live could potentially have a direct impact on how much you’ll pay for roofing repairs. This is because the roofer may need to get permits to perform the repairs. Depending on your location, the permit’s price will depend on the value or size of your home or it could be a flat rate. If hurricane straps and bracing are required, then you’ll be looking at additional costs added to repair permit cost.

Scope of the Repairs

One of the largest factors determining the price of your roofing repairs will be the scope – or the size – of the actual repair needed. As a general rule, your roofing contractor will determine the price by looking at the square footage of the damaged area of roof. This is because shingles are sold by the square, which is a 10-foot-square area. Usually, at a minimum, you will be charged for this, but you may receive leftover materials from the contractor in the event that the roof requires repair in the future.

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