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4 Tips to Choosing the Right Shingle Color for Your Roof

When it comes to upgrading your roof, it is important to think about the quality and durability. However, at the same time, you also need to take into consideration the appearance of the roof. Just like you would choose a siding color that complements the rest of your home, you want to do the same thing with your shingles. Here are four tips that will help you choose the right color of shingles for your roof:

  1. Take Cues from Your Home’s Style.

Before selecting your shingle color, it is important that you look at your home. Does it have siding or brick? Is it painted, and what color is it, if so? Is your home’s style modern or traditional? Use this information to get ideas and inspiration for colors.

  1. Consider Curb Appeal.

It doesn’t make a difference whether you intend on selling your home in the foreseeable future or you plan on living in your home until the day that you die, you want to ensure that the outside of your home looks great. To do this, a neutral color is usually ideal. However, to make your home stand out a bit more, a more striking shingle color is best. Either way, your home’s curb appeal is boosted, which can help improve the overall value of your property.

  1. Look Next Door.

If you’re conflicted on what color to choose, consider looking at your neighbors’ roofs. If you see a neighbor that has a shingle color that you are particularly drawn to, you should consult with a professional to find out more about that color and similar colors to find out if they’ll complement your home style. If you would rather not fit in with your neighbors’ homes, you should look at alternative colors and styles that will help your home stand out in the neighborhood.

  1. Do Your Homework.

Just like in school, it’s time do get down and dirty with some research. Use online virtual tools and get some samples that will allow you to see things up close and personal. And, remember, what may look great on one style of home may not look good on yours. It’s all in the architecture, which is why research is so important.

If you need help determining the right color for your shingles, don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team here at C and K Roofing. We are happy to help you narrow your choices down before installing a roof on your home. Give us a call today! (256) 326-4232