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5 Important Summer Roofing Tips

It’s definitely summer, and you can tell – the kids are out for school, the temperatures are steadily rising, and vacations are nearing. As the weather continues to get warmer, it is possible for you to keep your home a bit cooler. It all has to do with the attic and roof above your head.

Prepare Your Attic

As a general rule, homeowners overlook their attics. However, this is the one area of your home that is responsible for maintaining a cool temperature in your home throughout the summertime. During the summer months, did you know that it is possible for your summer to get as warm as 150 degrees? It’s true, and that heat could cause the rest of your home to suffer if it isn’t properly insulated.

Therefore, it is imperative that you (or have someone) perform routine inspections in the attic to find moisture in the plywood. After all, moisture leads to mold. Also, were your exhaust fans installed properly in the bathroom and kitchen? If not, this could be why moisture is building up in the attic (if it’s there), which could result in very expensive repairs.

Vent pipes that have been improperly installed need to be corrected. In doing so, you can reduce moisture and also reduce the buildup of any heat in the attic. The easiest way to fix this issue is to reroute ductwork or pipes. However, it is important to realize that the only issue is not just improper ventilation.

Here are five tips that you can do to ensure that your attic and roof are both ready for this summer:

  1. Take the time to check your exhaust fans. Are they working properly? Are they vented well?
  2. Check your roof gutters and drains to ensure that they are clean and have no debris in them. This ensures that there is no future overflow or unnecessary roof or foundation damage when a storm hits.
  3. Take the time to inspect the attic as well as the roof for any signs (even small ones) of damage and take note of them. Even the smallest of signs of damage can turn into significantly large repairs if they are left unattended to. Schedule a roof inspection with a professional like C & K Roofing to catch any problems before they get out of hand.
  4. Look for any shingles or tiles that may be missing, loose or damaged.
  5. Check in your attic for any signs of animals or pests. This can quickly turn into a huge problem. If you notice any signs, contact a company who specializes in pest elimination immediately.

Remember: when you inspect your attic and/or your roof, make sure that you are not alone for safety reasons. If you spot a problem, let us know so that we can provide a quote for the repair. Small problems that you find won’t go away on their own. Instead, they will grow until they cause even more problems. So, fix problems while they’re small and less expensive to repair instead of waiting until they’re more problematic and costlier.

Let us help you make sure your summer is problem-free by contacting us today for a roof inspection.