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 C and K Roofing “Success Checklist”

“C and K” stands for Cooperation and Kindness 😊 Please help Us help YOU!

Here are some “Do’s” and “Don’ts” that will help your Home Improvement project go quicker, less confusing, and more successful for everyone involved!


😊 DO:  share with us any paperwork from insurance companies that you have so we can make sure the company paid for everything they should.  It is standard operating procedure for adjusters to miss things they cannot see from the surface, or overlook some damage caused by weather phenomena.  In such cases, we will write up and file a “supplemental” to show the adjuster what we had to do and why and what materials and labor were necessary.

Please DONT:  hold back information from us in order to make money off an insurance claim. It’s illegal to do so, referred to as “insurance fraud”.  Some insurance companies will not release all of Recoverable Depreciation if they determine a client paid less for their work to be done than the insurance company paid out to them.

😊 DO:  sign our contract and make 1/2 down payment to secure your spot in our “queue”.  Please specify whether you have a satellite dish, and — if you do — whether you’d like it detached and reset or thrown away.  Also, please specify if you have working power outlets on the outside of your home, since our crew will need power for their equipment. If not, we’ll need you to run an extension cord outside.  Please let us know if there are any days you would NOT want our crew to work at your house.

Please DONT:  expect that we will call you when there’s nothing to tell you.  We will reach out when it’s your turn for your roof installation or home improvement project to begin. We do our best to give you as much notice as possible ahead of time, so you can make any necessary special arrangements for pets and be ready for the job to begin.


😊 DO:  clear your driveway of any vehicles, so our crews can use the area for their equipment.

Please DONT:  drive into your driveway until we are finished with the project, due to the possibility of nails or other debris that could damage tires.  While our crew is on site, your house is considered our working job site.

😊 DO:  bring in any breakable lawn ornaments, plants, pots, small statues and/or figurines, removable outdoor garden lights prior to our crew’s arrival to begin work.

Please DONT:  be surprised that the job site is messy. If we are changing out your roof, that includes removal of 10,000 nails, etc. Then, our crew is putting back on another 10,000 nails, etc. We like to compare it to surgery — the operating room is going to be messy during the surgery, but we guarantee we will clean up our mess thoroughly, when we are finished. It will look like we’ve never been there!

💡 Tip:   Consider installing a language translator app on your phone!  Our crews are Hispanic and many of them do not speak English fluently.


😊 DO:  pay attention to the progress of your project. If you see something of concern, make a note of it and reach out to us.

Please DONT:  confront the crew about questions or concerns you may have. Please let the Project Manager, Brian Gentry (952-356-5770 text/call) know or reach out to C and K co-owners Beth Jett Gentry (256-975-3982 text/call) or Jim Gentry (256-617-1882 text/call), so we can explain or resolve the issue.  C and K enjoys working with homeowners to make sure everything is done according to the approved scope of work and pleasing to everyone.

😊 DO:  let us know if anything is damaged or destroyed in the process. We’re happy to reimburse for accidental damage in most cases.

Please DONT:  be surprised if you see sawdust or nails or debris in your attic after a roof replacement. We install ridge vents for the proper ventilation of your home. That requires cutting into the decking to make the opening that allows for the ventilation.  Our workers have no way of seeing what may fall into the attic as they are working on the roof, and they have no access to the interior to clean up anything.


😊 DO:  have payment ready to go for the balance due upon completion of work. You have signed a contract with C and K Roofing, not your insurance company. We only collect for work we have completed to your satisfaction. We split up the trades so our crews don’t have to wait to get paid until other workers are finished their jobs. We are happy to work with you to make sure you get all of the funds that your insurance policy provides. However, when our work is complete, we expect to collect payment in full, per stipulation of the contract.

FYI – we have the following crews:
Roof replacement team ; Roof repair team ; Siding team ; Gutter team ; Fascia/soffit repairs, interior/exterior painting, window installation team ; Mason/concrete team ; Flooring team ; Framer/woodworking team ; HVAC/plumber/electrician ; Tree cutting/trimming team

Please DONT:  wait until we are finished to plan out how you will make final payment to us.

😊 DO:  understand there could be a Change Order issued for extra labor required to remove extra layers of shingles, extra layers of felt, repairing rotted decking, repairing rotted soffit/fascia, repairing old materials such as siding that might crack or disintegrate when our crew tries to manipulate it.  Such things are usually revealed as we get into the project, tearing off the current roof, but cannot be accounted for beforehand.  We try to let our customers know as soon as possible when there will be a significant Change Order, or extra costs incurred, during the process.

Please DONT:  expect us to do a lesser job in order to save money.  We follow the International Building Codes and insist on changing out any materials on the roof that have lost their integrity and may cause a leak.  Our estimator and work crews are very experienced in construction work and know what needs to be done to fix leaks and make sure the structure is leak-proof to the best of our ability.

😊 DO:  provide feedback to us about how everything went from your perspective. If you’re happy with everything and pleased with the final product, please give us a FIVE-STAR Google review online!  Such reviews are invaluable to us.  And if someone hires us based on your recommendation, we’ll deliver to you a Gift Card as our way of saying THANKS!

😊 Finally — THANK YOU for choosing C and K Roofing to improve your home. We know you have choices and we truly appreciate you choosing our company and entrusting us with something so important to you.



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