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Roof Flashing Leaks

Common Roofing Areas Where Leaks Occur

There are so many issues that can take occur if your roof is not properly maintained, such as the growth of mold and structural damage. If you notice any water stains or water dripping from the ceiling, then there is a good chance that you are dealing with a leak. Repairing leaks as soon as… Read More

Attic Ventilation

Attic Ventilation: 5 Myths To Be Aware Of

When it comes to things with the home, attic ventilation is one that is often misunderstood. Essentially, ventilation is just about circulating the air within the attic to ensure it remains fresh and keep moisture levels to a minimum. Roughly 90 percent of U.S. homes have moisture levels that are unreasonable. By becoming familiar with… Read More

Summer Heat Roof

Summer Heat and What It Means for Your Roof

Once winter is in the past and summer is finally in your sights, the last thing on your mind is what kind of impact the changing of the seasons can have on your home’s roof. Winter is known to have the most significant impact on your roof, but the heat of the summer brings its… Read More

Roof Vents

Is Roof Ventilation Really Necessary?

You are likely well aware of the fact that the majority of attics and roofs are vented. You may also be well aware of the fact that the ridge vent is what is at your roof’s peak. However, one thing that you may not be well aware of is the fact hat some homes may… Read More

Roof Inspections: What To Know

A home’s roof requires regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that warranty requirements are maintained. Routine roof inspections tend to only need to be performed once a year or after a significant weather event allow you to learn of any current or potential issues with the roof that can be addressed before an emergency crops… Read More

Roofing Problems

10 Roofing Problems You Are Likely To Encounter As A Homeowner

The majority of homeowners have encountered some level of roofing issue at some point in time. From minor leaks to major cracking, residential roofs suffer from a variety of common ailments that require immediate attention. To provide some assistance, some of the most common problems that you will encounter are listed below. Keep in mind,… Read More

Roof Value

New Roof: How Much Value Does It Add To Your Home

Are you considering a new roof? Though new roofs may not be quite as popular as interior room remodeling projects, new roofs have their advantages, including a nicer appearance, improved warranties, lower utility bills, and improved resale value. However, as you consider a new roofing system, there are a few factors that must be taken… Read More

Summer Heat Roof

Summer Heat And Your Roof: What You Need To Know

It is true that winter is the hardest season on your roof, summer has its own share of threats. The most obvious of these threats is summer storms. While these storms tend to be short, they can be incredibly treacherous. If you have completed a spring checklist for your residential roof and dealt with any… Read More

Roof is Leaking

What Do You Do When Your Roof Is Leaking

What Do You Do When Your Roof Is Leaking And The Potential Dangers Behind Waiting The last thing anyone ever wants to see in their home is water dripping from their ceiling. Regardless of whether you come home to find the leak or you are home when it starts, it’s important you take action immediately… Read More

Attic Air Ventilation

Attic Air Ventilation: A Brief Guide

There are very few things that are as important to the long-term performance of your home’s roof as the ventilation and the attic space that lies directly beneath the roof. Have you ever wondered why your attic smells so incredibly musty? In many instances, the lack of adequate ventilation can result in the musty odor… Read More

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I called C and K Roofing and they were very prompt and came right out. They were nice and explained everything thoroughly. The crew was professional and I was very pleased with our new roof.
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C and K had to come to our house several times before the project and they were very helpful with our insurance claim. Our new roof looks fantastic! Thanks!


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