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Winterization Checklist: Is Your Roof Ready for Winter

Is Your Roof Ready for Winter? Get It There with This Checklist

The snow isn’t here, and it hasn’t gotten too cold – yet. It’s time to get the roof ready for winter before the cold weather strikes. If you don’t get the roof prepared, Old Man Winter will do a number on it, which is the last thing that you want. Precautions are necessary. This winterization checklist will help ensure that your roof is ready for winter:

  • Perform an Inspection – The first step is performing an inspection. Look for any shingles that are damaged in any way, loose or missing. These need to be fixed or replaced. Apart from the shingles, pay close attention to the flashing, skylights, vents, as well as others joints and openings. Repair and replace anything that has been damaged. If you notice any holes, punctures or open seams, these need to be fixed immediately by a professional.
  • Check/Clean Your Gutters – Next, you need to take a look at your guttering system. Make sure that your gutters are cleaned out completely and free from all debris. You also need to ensure that they are not damaged – clamped shut, bent, or even cracked. In addition, any gutters that have become loose need to be tightened back. Make sure to check the downspouts as well.
  • Trim Those Trees – If you have any trees near your home that have branches that hang over the roof, it is a good idea to remove those. In the event that a damaging storm blows through, it could cause those branches to fall and cause severe damage to your roof. Alternatively, the weight of the ice and snow throughout the winter could cause the branches to break and fall onto the roof, which may puncture a hole in the roof resulting in damage.
  • Schedule a Professional Inspection – Before winter actually arrives, it doesn’t hurt to actually schedule a time for an experienced and professional roofer to come out and have a look at your roof to ensure that it is indeed in tip-top condition. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!