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Why You Should Consider a Roof Replacement Before Winter

Making the decision to replace your roof is a big one. When your roof has taken a pretty good beating over the years, and your most recent inspection has told you that it is time to get it replaced, what time of year is best for a roof replacement? Well, right now – after the hot, humid summer and before the bitterly, cold winter! Fall is ultimately the best time of year for a roof replacement and here’s why:

Winter Can Be Rough on Your Roof.

Winter is probably one of the roughest months on your roof. This is especially true if your roof isn’t in the greatest condition to begin with. For instance, if it snows, there is the high probability of snow accumulating on the top of the roof. The weight from this snow accumulation can often cause leaks and other damage, especially on an already weak roof.

Fall Weather Is Mild.

As a general rule, fall weather is pretty mild. You don’t have to worry about 100-degree weather, constant rain or freezing ice – some of which can delay the project. Plus, the mild weather in the fall makes it easier on contractors to get the job done, which also helps to avoid unnecessary delays as well as injuries.

Your Home Can Be Ready for the Holidays.

If you plan to have family coming over for the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas), then you will probably want your roof to look good, right? After all, it is going to have a big impact on how the rest of your home (inside and out) looks to your guests. Plus, if you plan on hanging up some beautiful holiday lights and decorations, then these lights are going to call attention to your roof, which isn’t a good thing if your roof needs work.

Now, these are just a few of the reasons why you shouldn’t wait until the cold, icy months of winter to have your roof repaired and why fall is a great time to consider having your roof replaced. When you’re ready, give us a call at C and K roofing to discuss what your roof needs.