Free Roof Inspection

Free Roof Inspection

Homeowners are subject to serious storm damage, be it from heavy winds, strong rains with hail, tornadoes or hurricanes. Because of this, homeowners in our area are more prone to roof damage than many other cities, which means that the need for a roof inspection is necessary more frequently.

Here at C and K Roofing, we are happy to say that we offer free roof inspections to our customers. Sometimes you may notice a dark spot or stain on your ceiling and know you have a leak, but other times, you may not be lucky enough to notice the leakage before it creates a serious problem that requires a costly roof repair.

Additionally, you may have missing shingles or your shingles may have granules missing – both of which can cause serious problems, such as exposing your roof deck over time and the inability to reflect sunlight properly. In addition, a roof inspection may determine that you have shingles buckling, cracking, or flat out breaking. There may also be loose nails or dark patches. Alternatively, a professional may find that your roof is sagging or that the roof is blistering.

Ultimately, by having a roof inspection conducted on a regular basis, you are enhancing the lifespan of your roof. By keeping your roof checked regularly and kept up-to-date with maintenance as needed, your roof potentially will last years longer than if you had just left it unchecked.

If you feel that your home is due for a roof inspection, contact us today to schedule a time for your free roof inspection. Then, following your roof inspection, if any work is necessary, we are happy to provide an additional estimate to you and then, if desired, we can perform the roof repairs for you quickly, efficiently and professionally.


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