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Gutter Replacement: When You Should and Shouldn’t

You will eventually need to decide whether you need to repair something or simply replace it completely. This is for many things, including your car, computer, dishwasher and air conditioner. It even includes your home’s gutters. You need to come to the conclusion whether you want to repair the gutters yourself or you want to call in a professional to perform the repairs or if you need to have new gutters installed. Here are some basic guidelines to follow to make the right choice:

When You Can Likely Get by with Not Replacing Your Gutters…

If you have damage that is specific to only a section or two. If this is the case, you can just replace those damaged sections.

If you have a few cracks or holes. If this is the case, you use some alcohol or gutter cleaning solution to clean the gutters, followed by a high-quality sealant. If you have large cracks or holes, they will need to be covered with a piece of flashing and secured with glue prior to the sealant being applied.

If you have a seam or joint leaking. If this is the case, just make sure that the sections and/or joints are properly fastened and sealed.

When You Should Replace Your Gutters…

If you have a large amount of small repairs. If you notice holes, cracks and rust sprinkled throughout your gutters, then you are better off replacing your gutter system instead of trying to repair them all.

If your sections will not stay together. If you notice that some of your sections continue to separate even after you try to repair them or if you have multiple separations, then it will probably be easier to replace your entire guttering system with seamless gutters to avoid a similar problem in the future.

If you notice excessive sagging. It isn’t very often that this problem can be fixed quickly, so it is usually easier to get new gutters installed so that there is proper water flow.

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