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Gutter Replacement: 3 Reasons Why It’s So Important

Most homeowners tend to overlook their gutters, especially when it comes to home maintenance. However, a home’s gutter system plays a crucial role in keeping a home in top-notch condition. If your gutters are old and/or are not functioning properly, gutter replacement needs to be considered. Here is why:

  1. To Protect Your Home’s Structural Integrity – When your gutters are in proper working order, they will direct rain water away from your roof as well as the foundation of your home. When water builds up in the gutters, it will cause the shingles and fascia board to rot and break down, leading to costly repairs. The same is true for the foundation of your home. All of this can also cause the property value to decrease.
  2. To Keep Your Home Clean and Maintain Curb Appeal – When water is running off your roof because there are no gutters in place because they have fallen or simply not working right, then it is going to cause dirt and debris to splash onto the side of your home. This isn’t going to be very appealing to the eye. In addition, it could cause the growth of mold and mildew. Depending on the location of the water run-off, you may find yourself getting soaking wet as you walk out of the house. In the winter, this can be very dangerous, as the water can freeze and cause you to slip and fall.
  3. To Prevent the Flooding of Your Basement – If your home has a basement, and your gutters are not catching rain water, there is a very good chance that water is going to puddle up around the foundation of your home. Eventually, this water will begin to seep in through cracks in the walls and basement windows.

If your gutters are not catching rainwater and properly directing water away from the home, it’s time to talk to a professional about gutter replacement. If you’re unsure whether your gutters are in good shape, contact C & K Roofing to schedule an appointment for an inspection.