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Insulate Your Home for Winter

5 Ways to Insulate Your Home for Winter

Energy Star offers a map that shows the specific R-value that is needed when insulating your home. It varies from climate to climate, but here in Alabama, you’re looking at somewhere between R19 and R60, depending on what part of the home you’re insulating. Your contractor can help you determine the exact R-value that is needed, but here are a few tips to help you get the interior of your home ready for winter:

Rubber Weather Sealing

These are self-stick strips of rubber weather sealing that you can purchase online or at a local hardware store. You can cut the strips to fit the dimensions of your windows, then peel and stick them to the frame in order to close gaps and keep out any cool drafts. This is a cheap, effective way to insulate the home.

Window Insulation Film

Also available for purchase online or at the hardware store, window insulation film is another cost-effective, cheap way to keep heat in and cold air out during the winter. The kits come with plastic shrink film that you can apply to the inside of your window frame. A hair dryer will usually need to be used to shrink the film, remove wrinkles and ensure that it is ready to perform.

Cellular Shades and Layered Curtains

These are excellent ways to spruce up the home while also insulating it. These can be custom made or ordered online, but they can be a bit costly. Alternatively, you can put up heavy, layered curtains that are less expensive and just as effective.

Draft Snakes

Finally, there’s always draft snakes. These are tubes of fabric that can be placed underneath a door or on a window sill in order to prevent cold air from entering the home. You can make one yourself with fabric and dried rice, or you can purchase them from the store. They’re cheap and easy to make, but they work best when in conjunction with the window insulation film.

For more tricks on insulating your home and to ensure that you have the appropriate amount and R-value type of insulation, contact us here at C and K Roofing.