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The One Thing Most Homes Lack that will Burn You Up

In the last month, it seems the most common requests for service C and K Roofing has received has been estimates for insulation and roof ventilation upgrades. It’s an indicator that miserably hot families are concluding they need insulation and better roof ventilation to keep the temperature of the rooms in their homes tolerable.

Did you know that some roofing experts say MOST homes in the country are NOT properly ventilated?

And that’s a much bigger problem than just uncomfortably hot rooms. The one who is suffering the most is the roof — specifically the shingles — which suffers irreparable heat damage. In short, the shingles literally burn up in the heat of the sun. That’s damage that insurance companies won’t cover.

The answer? Proper ventilation.

C and K Roofing is an advocate of Ridge Vents. Being a certified GAF Contractor, we recommend GAF Cobra Ridge Vents as a form of roof ventilation. And we inspect to ensure the soffit vents are properly configured.

Here’s our rationale:
Many homeowners opt for attic fans.
They require power — that you pay for — to run them. They have motors/parts that will burn out and must be replaced — which you pay for. They often fall short of providing the proper ventilation and they must be maintained — which you pay for.
When you install Ridge Vents, it’s “fix it and forget it”. They’re installed at the peak of a sloped roof. And they allow damp, warm air to escape from the attic. Ridge vents increase energy efficiency and prolong the life of your roof. Ridge vents allow for natural ventilation — which is free!

Be cool this summer! Consider ridge vents if being hot in your home burns you up!

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