3 Ways You Can Put a Pergola to Use

Pergolas, which are sometimes called arbors, are very popular when you’re looking to create an inviting atmosphere to your garden or backyard oasis while also preserving a relaxing, shaded area. Pergolas have many uses, including these three:

1. Frame an Entryway

For centuries, archways have been built in order to form a “grand” entrance to a property or dwelling. Initially, they were most often used in garden settings in order to highlight the opening of the garden. This helps to separate it from the rest of the landscape. Eventually, archways become popular for creating a focal point of interest or to frame a specific view. This seemed to create a much stronger view. Today, pergolas are used to create both of these types of archways. Many homeowners tend to use climbing plants and shrubs to add a more natural appeal to the pergola entryway.

2. Provide Shade for a Structure.

If you think about it, a pergola is several arches put together to create one larger piece of framework. Originally, and even now, overhead structures like pergolas are used to provide some much-needed shade to specific areas of the yard. They are very popular over concrete patios that are separated from the home as well as resting areas in the garden.

3. Provide Cover for a Walkway.

Whether it is a large walkway at a community garden or a walkway throughout your backyard garden, pergolas are perfect for offering shade and protection over a walkway. When the walkway is longer, pergolas with climbing or trained trees and plants help create a cool, somewhat dark tunnel that offers a bit of a mystery to anyone walking through. In the end, you’ll usually be brought to a bright, open space.

If you think you might want to use a pergola in your backyard, give us a call at C & K Roofing for an estimate. We can work with you to create a design that you will absolutely love and that will complement the rest of your landscape.