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Replacement Windows: Simonton vs. Atrium vs. Ply Gem

If you’re looking to replace your home’s windows, you likely have already started doing your research and know that it is a significant investment. For that reason, you want to ensure that you look at your options. You want to research some of the best brands and look at various designs that will complement your home. Here are three innovative brands that produce quality replacement windows:

Simonton Replacement Windows

Established in 1946, Simonton takes pride in offering high-quality vinyl replacement windows and doors. Since its inception, the company has received several industry awards and has a solid reputation for its windows, particularly the mid-grade options (Reflections 5050 and Impressions 9800) that can range from $400 to $550 per window. The difference between these is the metal lift handles and the fact that the 9800 series has a better warranty.

Ply Gem Replacement Windows

In business for more than seven decades, Ply Gem is well-known for its high-quality materials and innovative products. In fact, they strive to create the most energy-efficient products available. The company offers a variety of replacement windows, including architectural-shaped, casement and single-hung windows. If you live in the city, you may want to consider the fact that Ply Gem offers a special feature that keeps out the noise, which will help reduce the sounds from barking dogs, honking horns, planes and even loud neighbors. In addition, the exterior is designed to be resistant to corrosion. For the Premium series windows, you can be looking at an average cost per window of $300 to $450.

Atrium Replacement Windows

Atrium was founded back in 1948 and has been a leader in the window and door industry ever since. On average, you can typically purchase a double-hung window for between $250 to $600, depending on the exact specifications of the window. Therefore, this is a bit pricier than the other two brands listed here. Atrium does have very smooth moving parts and hardware that will not corrode. Windows can be made-to-order and there are multiple glass options, including low-E glass and argon-gas filled glass.


Overall, when choosing what brand of window, it all comes down to personal preferences in addition to the construction and cosmetics of the window. All three brands offer an assortment of finishes (interior and exterior), installation options and customization options. For more information on what to look for and to answer any questions you may have, give us a call at C and K Roofing.