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Roof Cleaning As Part Of Your Roof Maintenance Plan

3 Reasons Roof Cleaning Needs to Become Part of Your Routine Maintenance Plan

Just because your home’s roof doesn’t look great in terms of appearance any longer, it doesn’t mean that it necessarily needs to be replaced. Instead, you may be able to save a tremendous amount of money by simply having your roof cleaned and still benefit from a roof that looks brand new. Here is why you should consider routine roof cleaning:

  1. Cleaning Breathes New Life Into Your Roof.

A roof that stained and covered in algae, mold, or lichens can look terrible. It can truly diminish the beauty of your home and landscape. These plants can grow deep into the shingles, which will not just affect the appearance of the roof, but it can reduce overall functionality as well.

  1. Cleaning Extends Your Roof’s Life Span.

Algae build-up on the roof also cuts your roof’s life short. This is because shingles will begin to lose their granules, which normally act as a protective barrier to the shingles. Over time, the more granules that are lost, the more at risk your roof is of leaks.

  1. Cleaning Helps to Reduce Energy Costs.

Stains on the roof not only make your home look bad, but it keeps your home from being as energy efficient as it can be. Multiple studies have shown that roof stains cause a darkening effect on the roof and can trap heat underneath causing the temperature to raise by up to 25 degrees. This increases how much energy you are using to cool your home and also reducing the life of your roofing materials.

Remember, the exterior of your home is the first thing that people see, which includes your roof. Enhancing curb appeal should be on every homeowner’s checklist and should be properly budgeted for. If you’re interesting in having your roof cleaned once or setting up a routine cleaning so that you can get the best ROI on your roof investment, contact C & K Roofing for more information.