Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning is probably one of the home improvements that are furthest from a homeowner’s mind. By neglecting to take care of your roof, this may cause your roof to need replacing sooner than later. Also, it keeps your roof looking and functioning much better. So, in order to avoid your roof becoming damaged in one way or another, consider roof cleaning to keep your roof as clean as possible.

To better help you understand the importance of roof cleaning, you will find below a few reasons why you should consider cleaning your roof and keeping it clean from here on out.

1. Moss, lichens and/or algae that accumulates on your roof can begin to eat away at your shingles making its way to your roof deck resulting in rotted wood thereby causing moisture to enter and creating a hospitable environment for the growth of mold. Anyone – pets and people – is at risk for developing serious health conditions when exposed to mold. By cleaning your roof regularly, you avoid costly repairs, such as having the entire roof deck and roof repaired or re-installed.

2. Roof cleaning can quickly restore your home’s beauty. Your roof can develop various stains that attract the eye (and not in a good way), and it definitely does not help your home’s curb appeal. If you have intentions on selling your home in the near future, you must call in a roof cleaning company!

3. Re-roofing can be expensive, so by enlisting a company or contractor to carry out the procedure of roof cleaning, you are reducing your risk of needing a completely new roof within the near future. For a fraction of the cost, you can have your roof look new once again with roof cleaning.

4. We’ve discussed the late stages of harmful roof-staining organisms, such as algae, moss and lichens, but what about the earlier stages? These organisms can still do damage even early on, as these organisms use your shingles as their source of food. The longer that they stay on your roof and eat your shingles, the more damage that will be caused. As soon as staining is detected on your roof, a roof cleaning is beneficial for your roof and your home overall.

5. Further, as algae spreads across your roof, the shingle granules (used to reflect sunlight) are unable to properly do their job. Instead of reflecting the heat, the shingles will begin to absorb the heat from the sun’s rays. This means that you’ll spend more money each month on your utility bill, as your home air conditioner will go into overtime trying to keep the home cool. Roof cleaning can remove the staining and organisms so that you roof can go back to reflecting the sunlight efficiently.

Research suggests that 50 percent of homeowners replace their roof because they look old or simply ugly. However, half of those roof replacements were not necessary and instead could have had a thorough roof cleaning to restore its beauty and efficiency. Don’t spend money on a roof replacement when you don’t need one; please give us a call (256) 326-4232 or email us first to see if your roof can just be cleaned. Whether you need a new roof or you can just have it cleaned, make sure that you consider roof cleaning regularly to keep your roof and your home in tip-top shape.

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