Roof Collapse Warning Signs and Prevention Steps

Roof damage is bad enough, but when your roof collapses, it can be an absolute nightmare. Roof collapses can occur anytime throughout the year, but it is most common in the winter, especially those with heavy snowfall numbers. Therefore, it is important that you know what signs to look for and what steps you can to prevent a roof collapse.

Signs Your Roof May Be About to Collapse

There are a number of warning signs for a roof that may collapse soon, including:

Severe, frequent roof leakage, Sagging of exterior shingles, Sagging of interior ceiling, Exterior masonry cracks, Ripples, bends or any other deformities in roof structure, framing or supports, Hard-to-open windows or doors

Steps to Take to Prevent Your Roof from Collapsing

Regular maintenance on your roof can go a long way in maintaining the longevity and health of your roof while also preventing roof collapses. Here are a few preventative maintenance tips that you need to make sure that you follow through with:

Make sure any and all roof issues are repaired immediately to prevent further roof damage.

Make sure that any excess snow that has accumulated on the roof is removed as soon as possible.

Make sure that all gutters, drains and downspouts are kept clear of dirt, leaves and other debris to ensure water can flow efficiently.

Make sure to remove any debris, algae and mold that has accumulated on the roof to keep excessive moisture build-up at bay.

If your roof has been damaged in any way, it’s important to have it repaired immediately. If you suspect that your roof is close to collapsing, contact a local roof contractor for roof repairs as soon as possible to avoid serious damage.