How to Do Your Own Roof Inspection

Not everyone wants to hire a professional to take care of home improvements or inspections. This is true even with roof inspections. Roof inspections are a necessary part of preventative maintenance for your roof and your home as a whole. If you want to do the inspection on your own, here’s what you need to do:

Examine your roof for damaged or missing shingles. Make sure to also check for any curling or buckling shingles.

Inspect the roofing flashing around the vents, skylights and chimneys for rust as well as cracks in the caulking.

Check your gutters and downspouts for any signs of debris.

Inspect soffits and fascia boards for any signs of damage, including cracking or rotting.

A roof inspection involves much more than the roof itself. You also need to inspect the interior of your home for any signs of water damage, such as leaks. Water for the below signs when inspecting the inside of your home:

Paint that is peeling or cracking.

Wallpaper that is peeling.

Growth of mold or mildew on the ceiling.

Areas where there are brown spots, which could mean a leak.

Wood that is discolored, particularly the wood in the walls and roof deck.

While you are more than able to conduct a roof inspection your own, the repairs may not be so easy. In some cases, you may want a second opinion from a professional roofer when it comes to the inspection of your roof. Whatever the case may be, give us a call and schedule an appointment. We’re more than happy to help, as we want to make sure that you and your family are safe and sound under the roof of your home.