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Roof Leaks: 3 Reasons Water Is Seeping Into Your Home

Roof leaks can be one of the most annoying things in the world, and they also turn into one of the messiest and most expensive things to have to deal with as a homeowner. Where do these roof leaks come from?

Pipe Flanges

Piping that travels up and through your roof is generally secured by a plastic or aluminum base with a pipe flange made out of rubber. Over time, this rubber pipe flange will wear down from extended exposure to the sun and other weather elements. It will begin to dry out and crack creating a direct opening for water to seep into the home.


When shingles and wall steps meet, flashing is typically installed in order to keep water from infiltrating this gap. If the flashing is not installed properly, water can still makes it way into the gap and then into the home. In some instances, the flashing can become damaged, become loose or simply fly away due to high winds. If this happens, the roof and home is left vulnerable to water leakage.

Missing Shingles

As your roof gets older, shingles will deteriorate and loosen. As storms and gusts of winds come through, shingles may blow off the roof. The tar strip beneath it will also begin to deteriorate and begin failing. This can lead to significant damage to your entire roof deck as well as the interior of your home due to rain water seeping into the home through the roof. Remember, all it takes is one missing or damaged shingle to allow water through the roof.

If you have noticed that you have water stains on your ceiling or would simply like to schedule a professional roof inspection conducted on your roof before the winter season gets really bad, contact us at C and K Roofing.