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Baby RacoonsWe, here at C and K Roofing, are unapologetic animal lovers. We have pets considered beloved family members. We watch out for animals, small and large, on our job sites. We fix damage done by critters, but try to safely remove/relocate the culprits without hurting them or their babies.

When it comes to a roof, it occurred to me there are quite a few commonalities between a roof and a loyal pet. And that translates to how and why a roof should be treated as such in order to lengthen its lifespan. Sound crazy? Hear me out.

Dog owners know and love the joyful celebration by their furry companion when their master comes home. While a roof may not lick its owner or bounce around, a well-cared-for roof will sparkle, glisten and sorta smile.

candkroofing roofSimilar to the loyal protection a dog provides for his/her family, a roof does the same by standing strong during all kinds of weather and keeping its family safe, dry and comfortable. Both can only provide that protection so long as they are healthy and strong.

Just as a pet craves attention, TLC, and a watchful eye for any physical problems he/she may develop, so does a roof and the various components that make up a successful roofing system: shingles, flashing, fascia, soffit, gutters and proper ventilation. If there are problems, they should be addressed as soon as possible so they don’t grow into bigger, more expensive problems.

Dogs let their owners know how they feel about something.

Similarly, roofs do too. Angieslist.com (https://www.angieslist.com/articles/5-most-common-roofing-problems.htm#.V05oyIFAw4A.mailto) Angieslist notes a roof is one of the most neglected and expensive areas of the home. Similar to a pet, the roof will let you know when it’s suffering. It comes in the forms of holes in the soffit and fascia, discolored or disintegrating shingles from poor ventilation, leak stains on ceilings from failing flashing or other areas of water intrusion, failing gutters and rotted wood.

C and K Roofing diagnoses and gladly repairs all of those issues every day for homes in Huntsville, Madison, Owens Cross Roads, Hampton Cove, Gurley, Harvest, Decatur, Athens, and all of the smaller towns in between.

During National Roofing Week, June 6-11, C and K Roofing is offering a 20% discount on signed contracts for full roof replacements.

Don’t wait for your roof to howl or growl at you. Let us help take care of man’s “other” best friend — your roof.

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Anita C.
I called C and K Roofing and they were very prompt and came right out. They were nice and explained everything thoroughly. The crew was professional and I was very pleased with our new roof.
Jamie R.
C and K had to come to our house several times before the project and they were very helpful with our insurance claim. Our new roof looks fantastic! Thanks!


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