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GAF Architectural shingles roofing system.
10 Year Workmanship Warranty
GAF “System Plus” 50-Year Warranty

Protecting Your Roofs With Best Roof Replacement Services

Your home’s structural integrity, insulation, and siding are essential to your roof. It is necessary to fix your roof before it’s too late. You can get our top-notch-quality roof replacement services; we have served the Decatur area for over ten years.

Our experienced roofers ensure that every minute detail is covered when fixing your roof without creating any hassle. We provide 100% customer satisfaction, whether the project is small or large.

C and K Roofing and Construction Services LLC’s increased referrals and reputation in the region are due to our abilities, competitive pricing, instant solutions, and problem-solving attitude. Our roof replacement solutions are affordable for residential and commercial owners. We extend services regardless of any complex formation in your roof structure.

GAF-Certified Roof Replacement Company Providing Reliable Services

We are a top-notch roof replacement company that handles your roofing projects with dedication and an understanding of your pain points. Our professionals will conduct a full-fledged roof replacement inspection before providing customized advice.

Our work includes innovation, creativity, expertise, and installing new roofs made of quality material. You can choose metal, asphalt, wood, or rubber for your commercial or residential roof. Our company also takes care of the environment, so property owners can choose a green roofing solution.

Our crew is trained in modern installation techniques and uses materials according to the client’s requirements. Our company’s professionals will provide the following services:

  • Roof siding complete replacement
  • Tailored siding and shingles solutions
  • Preventing pooling of water on new roofs by fixing drainage blocks
  • Efficient and effective roof replacement services are needed to minimize unusual sounds that may arise due to natural factors.
  • Fixing sturdy roofs to ward off animal infestation, especially by rodents and raccoons.
  • Emergency roof replacement in case of a natural disaster or any other wear and tear caused by low-quality Material.
  • Proper underlayment installation is required before installing the new roofing material.

C and K Roofing and Construction Services LLC is known for completing its work within a shorter turnaround time. However, we let our clients inspect the roofing work to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Why Choose OurRoof Replacement Service?

  1. Free Consultation: Our roof replacement company offers free inspections and quotes. These help you determine which type of roof will be better and fit within your budget.
  2. Qualified Contractors: Our experienced and professional contractors and roofers are well-versed in modern technologies and solutions. They will fix your roof’s other aspects and sagging issues.
  3. High-Quality Material Used: We use top-quality material for roof replacement and do not compromise on it.
  4. 100% Customer Satisfaction: We take our work seriously and ensure 100% client satisfaction. Our roofers also provide support services after they install your roof.
  5. Transparent Services: Our roof replacement services are fast, comprehensive, and transparent to help our clients know how each process is scheduled efficiently.

Contact our roofing experts today in Decatur to schedule a free consultation!




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