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Roof Replacement in Your Future?

5 Assessments to Determine Whether a Roof Replacement is in Your Future

The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a roof replacement, especially when you factor in the costs. Something like that never comes at the right time. Many times, homeowners replace their roofs when they don’t have to; a repair would have been more than sufficient. Here are five simple assessments to make of your roof to determine whether a replacement is needed:

  1. Water Damage

Your roof’s primary job is to protect the interior of your home from various outside elements. If you notice any signs of water damage on the inside of your home, such as the ceiling or the wall, it is a good time to check out your roof. Chances are, there is a leak. While a minor leak may be able to be replaced, the damage could be more significant than that and require a replacement.

  1. Attic Inspection

You should give your attic a good inspection annually. You can almost always catch leaks early on by doing this. Look for any water stains, daylight and debris, as these are all signs of some major issues, especially if they’re left untreated.

  1. Age of the Roof

Your roof may need a replacement simply due to its age, especially when you factor in the amount of sustained damage from storms, quality of the initial placement and the type of roofing material. Usually, if signs of wear are noticed and your roof is 20 years old, it’s time to have it replaced.

  1. Storm Damage

Torrential winds can lift your shingles, while hail can damage them. Hail can also break tiles and cause the underlayment to rip. Heavy rain can truly overwhelm your roof and result in leaks. Tree branches that fall or are moved by storms can cause damage to your gutters, fascia and the roof itself. This is why you need to inspect your roof after every storm to see if repair or replacement is necessary. Usually, your homeowners’ insurance will cover the costs.

  1. Degranulation of Shingles

If you’ve noticed a build-up of asphalt shingle grains that look like small sand-like particles in your gutters, degranulation is occurring. This is caused by heavy winds, hail, rain and various other types of storm damage that causes your shingles to weaken prematurely. Once degranulation begins, the shingle itself is compromised and cannot protect the roof as it should. Therefore, your roof needs to be thoroughly inspected to determine if a replacement will be necessary.

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