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Roof Upkeep Is Essential For Storm Preparation

Roof Maintenance is Key For Storm Preparation

Storm season can last the entire year, therefore roofs must be sturdy to shield people and their homes from severe weather. Keep your roof storm-ready by scheduling routine expert roof inspections and maintenance with C and K Roofing & Construction Services, in Huntsville and the surrounding areas.

Learn about expert roof inspections, possible do-it-yourself roof maintenance, and the benefits of preventive maintenance.

Lightning strike on a roof in Huntsville, AL
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Can Roof Inspections Really Save You Money?

It’s easy to put off scheduling an inspection until there is obvious roof damage. In the long run, this strategy can end up costing you more money.

You can save on the cost of a roof replacement through small-scale investments in roof maintenance. Preventative measures are always good because they can solve a problem before a larger issue arrives.

What Roof Inspections Consist of

Roofing craftsmen are trained to find small signs of potential roof damage that may appear years before the onset of larger problems. Identifying potential problems is especially important when your home has to withstand harsh weather all year round. The three elements of a typical roof inspection are:
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A house with a new roof from C and K Roofing & Construction Services, LLC

Structural Inspection

Is the “bones” on your roof healthy? Experts will find sagging roofs, uneven roof surfaces, curved exterior walls, sagging interior ceilings and rafters. We also inspect gutter systems, fascias, eaves ceilings, chimneys, vents, and skylights for signs of damage.

Surface Inspection

What does the surface of your roof have to say? Moist or mossy places, fasteners that are broken or missing, and flashing are all warning signs of potential issues. A comprehensive examination of the shingles should be part of the inspection to make sure none are missing, damaged, or curling.

Interior Inspection

The interior of your home can reveal information regarding the state of your roof. Roofing professionals will look for symptoms of moisture in the attic or interior walls, appropriate roof ventilation, sagging or discoloured ceilings, and other such indications.