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Schedule a Roof Inspection Before Winter Arrives

2 Reasons You Need to Schedule a Roof Inspection Before Winter Arrives

The winters in Huntsville, Alabama, may not be as severe as they are in the Northeast or other parts of the United States, but we do get our fair share of winter weather. Therefore, before winter hits, it is crucial that you take the time to contact a professional roofing company to come out to your home to conduct a comprehensive roof inspection. Here are two reasons why you should consider having a roof inspection done before winter arrives:

  1. Repair Existing Damage You May or May Not Be Aware of.

Throughout the summer and fall, there were likely plenty of thunderstorms with high winds and hail that could have wreaked havoc on your roof. If you have not had a roof inspection since then, there may have been damage done to your roof that you don’t know about. You should never simply hope for the best with your roof. All it takes is one missing shingle to result in a major interior leak.

  1. Prevent Future Problems and Unnecessary Repairs.

By having a professional check out your roof before winter arrives, any potential issues that could arise during the winter can be remedied now. After all, once winter arrives, your roof will be put under a lot more stress than it is used to. A professional roofer can take precautionary measures on your roof to help ensure proper drainage of rain and melting snow, prevent the formation of ice dams, and avoid unwanted critters from finding a home on/in your roof.

Winter often stops people from doing things, including protecting their largest investment — their home. Don’t let the colder temperatures and threatening weather keep you from giving C and K Roofing a call and scheduling your roof inspection today.