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Solatube Skylights

Solatube Daylighting System™

When you are looking for a solution that will bring more natural lighting into your home, Solatube skylights are the perfect answer. These daylighting systems are engineered to capture the rays of the sun in an efficient manner and then pipe them right into your home. This results in rooms which are brighter and more colorful and that do not cost any extra to light. Because we can complete installation in about two hours, with no changes to the structure of your home, it is the simplest and fastest solution to improve your home.

Natural Light in an Environmentally-friendly Way

Filtering sunlight into your home will turn a darker room into one in that is filled with bright, natural light. You’ll also find that textures will be highlighted, and that it will bring out the vibrant colors of your furniture, creating a beautiful look all around.

Additionally, you will not have to worry about Solatubes leaking. The flashings that are part of this design are quite ingenious. They are engineered to work all types of roofs, including slate, single, metal and tile. They have a one-piece steel construction which is seamless and it totally eliminates the possibility of any leaks. Also, the circular shape of the Solatube lets debris and rain bypass the rooftop dome, which makes them almost completely maintenance-free.

We can install these quickly because of the patented fastening and tube telescoping system. Even attic obstacles are no problem, and the angle adapters and tubing extensions make it simple to get around rafters and joists. Also, think about the energy you will save when you can use sunlight to light rooms during the day instead of expensive electricity.

Natural Light for any Area in Your Home

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