Installation Of a New RoofThe big day is here. Your new roof is being installed. Do you know what you should expect and how to prepare your home for installation process?

What to Expect

Essentially, your home is being turned into a working construction site. Therefore, you need to ensure you, your family and pets are kept safe throughout the entire process. There will be a lot of debris, such as lumber and shingles. There will also be a significant amount of dust. There is also going to be a substantial amount of noise so young children may want to be kept at a friend or family member’s house.

At the end of the installation, the roof will receive a full and final inspection. This is to ensure that the project has been completed successfully and that all debris has been picked up and removed from your property.

How to Prepare

Make sure that your driveway and yard are both fully accessible for the roofing crew. You want to put your cars in the garage or park them at a neighbor’s home. If there is anything close to your home that could cause the roofers problems with accessing your roof, then these items should be moved elsewhere.

You need to ensure that your children and pets are indoors at all times while the crew members are present. If at all possible, it’s recommended that you keep your pets at an off-site location.

You want to ensure all of your valuables are covered and safe from damage. If you have any plants that cannot be moved and are important, then make sure the roofers are aware. You may even want to take the time to mow your yard a day or two before the project starts so that it is easier for the crew members to see any small debris, such as nails, that they need to pick up at the end of the project.

Make sure you have removed your satellite dish, solar panels, basketball goals and anything else that is attached to your roof. Don’t forget to also take down all important keepsakes and photos that are hanging on the interior walls, as these items will be susceptible to damage while the roofers are working on the roof.