Roof damage is often caused by wind and hail. With the upcoming storms rolling in, keep an eye on your roof. The Weather Channel is expecting high winds and potentially severe storms for our area. ”The threat of severe thunderstorms will return early in the week as a strong cold front emerges …”

They continue on to say “One of our biggest concerns is the amount of wind energy carried by this large-scale storm system.

Primarily straight-line winds are expected, but do not dismiss these as less damaging than tornado winds. Straight-line winds and wind gusts are expected to reach upwards to 50-70 miles per hour.

If you have any leaks or if any shingles are missing or damaged, give us a call and we can come out and look at your home. We can even tarp your roof to protect from further damages as you prepare for the repairs.

Our family helping your family. Be careful this week.