Window Replacement: 5 Signs It’s Time

Windows are a vital element of your home and are needed to help keep the heat and cool air inside your home while also providing ample natural sunlight. Modern windows have a number of money- and energy-saving benefits and replacement windows are generally inexpensive in terms of cost and labor. If you aren’t sure whether your windows need to be upgraded, here are a few signs that your windows are ready to be replaced:
1. You Have Single-Pane Windows

When it comes to your windows, if your have single pane windows, then it’s time for new ones immediately. Single pane windows are extremely inefficient and are causing you to spend much more than necessary on heating and cooling your home.

2. Your Windows Won’t Open/Close Properly

Not only is it annoying that your windows won’t open or close smoothly, but it is also a sign that they are far too old to be operating efficiently.

3. Your Window Seals Are Failing

Window seals do not last forever even though you want them to. If you notice that there are drafts near your window when the window is shut, then your seals have likely malfunctioned. This means that you’re wasting energy, which also means you’re wasting money.

4. You Can Easily Hear Outside Noises

Although you can’t eliminate all outside sound, modern windows are made to help keep the heat and cool air inside while also reducing sound transfer. If you can hear noises outside clearly with little to no problem, then your windows are in need of an upgrade.

5. You Notice Condensation Between the Panes

When your windows have two or three panes, then the window contains a layer of air in between each of the panes. This helps to improve insulating properties of the windows. However, if you see condensation forming between the glass panes of the window, then there is something wrong with the window and it is not functioning properly.

You should now know whether or not you need new windows in your home. If you’re in need of replacement windows, contact a professional for help in purchasing the right windows for your home and needs and for assistance with the installation.