Winterizing Your Roof: Is Your Roof Ready for Winter?

Most people are well aware of the fact that they should winterize their home each year. This includes ensuring all doors and windows are properly weatherstripped and caulked in addition to ensuring that all p[plumbing pipes have been fully wrapped to avoid freezing. However, what many homeowners are unaware of is the fact that they need to winterize their roof and prepare it for the winter weather. Here’s how to get started with this:
1. Clean Your Gutters

Your gutters catch rainwater and snow when it melts so that it doesn’t stay on your roof and cause damage. If your gutters are full of leaves and twigs, then they cannot catch the water. This can result in major water damage on your siding, landscaping and foundation.

2. Inspect Your Downspouts

While your gutters are important, your downspouts are as well. If your downspouts are damaged or full of debris, then the melting snow will be unable to properly drain from your roof. This could result in mold developing inside the pipe, which may eventually cause rusting.

3. Insulate Your Attic

If your attic is not properly insulated and does not consist of adequate ventilation, then there will be a significant amount of heat loss. In addition, it will lead to the formation of icicles and ice dams, which can do major damage to your roof.

4. Inspect Your Flashing

On your roof, there is flashing around chimneys, skylights, etc. This needs to be inspected to ensure it is still in good shape. If it is damaged, the wintry weather could result in more damage on the roof and inside your home. Damaged shingles should also be repaired as well.

5. Trim Your Tree Branches

If you have a tree that has branches that overhang on your roof, then they need to be trimmed back before the winter weather strikes. Otherwise, the weight from the snow may cause the branches to bend and break onto your roof, which could result in penetration of your shingles.

The best thing you can do to make sure your roof is weather for the wintry weather is to schedule a roof inspection. A professional roofing contractor will be able to detect any minor and major issues and ensure they are repaired before it’s too late.