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Wooden Fence Repairs: Restore Your Sun-Faded Fence

There are a variety of materials that can be chosen by homeowners when they want to create a privacy fence. While many homeowners are choosing vinyl, there are still plenty that are sticking to traditional wood. Wood is always available, easy replaceable and repairable, and tends to offers the most privacy. Unfortunately, it is susceptible to damage by the sun. So, what do you do when your wood begins to fade from UV damage? Is there a remedy? Absolutely. Here’s what you do to your timeworn fence:

Power Wash

The first thing you need to do is clean the fence thoroughly with a power washer. You don’t need a commercial-grade power washer to do this, as it will actually have too much power and may damage the wood. Use a wide-angle tip and begin to power wash the entire fence. Allow the fence to dry completely.

Add a Toned Sealer or Paint/Stain and Then Seal

Once the fence has been cleaned and has dried thoroughly, which usually takes two or three days, you will want to apply a sealer and/or a stain to the fence. If you use a sealer, consider using a toned sealer so that there will be some color to your fence and to avoid the need to add paint or stain as well. If you don’t use a toned sealer, you will need to apply the paint or stain first and then add the sealer once the paint or stain dries to lock it in and protect it from the sun and other weather elements. Keep in mind that if you do use toned sealer to opt for a bit darker of a shade than what you actually want the finished fence to look like as the sun will cause the fence to lighten over time.

If you’re uncomfortable doing any of this yourself, you may want to consider hiring professional help. Contact C and K Roofing for expert assistance with all fence repairs and maintenance.